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When our "normal" has been redefined...

When peace and stability is what we long for...

Be driven by the Spirit

"The Spirit drove Jesus out into the desert"

Mark 1:12

Just as Jesus went into the desert, we are called to go "into the desert" each Lent and be transformed through prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.

Let your Lent this year be different.

Let the Spirit transform you in the desert.

As a family

As an individual

As a child of God

This Lent, be driven by the Spirit

We're here to help. Access materials and resources below.

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Delve into Lent together by using our family guides on engaging prayer, fasting, and almsgiving

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Take hold of Lent as an opportunity to put faith into action. Will you accept the challenge?

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Whether you are a parish leader or parent,  our virtual resources will help you in your Lenten Journey

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As Catholics, fasting and abstaining from meat are disciplines of Lent

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Connect with a Community this Lent

The Church is a "family of families".

Celebrate as part of our larger family by taking part in the Mass and experiencing God's mercy in Reconciliation.


Find a local Parish Church to connect your family to our family of Faith!

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