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Frequently Asked Questions

RNow Youth Discipleship

What is the Diocesan Youth Discipleship Team? 

The Discipleship Team is a program for youth in 10th-12th grade in the Diocese of Fall River that is  designed to provide opportunities for personal spiritual growth and equip members with skills for  missionary discipleship. The team is made up of youth from all around the Diocese. The Team begins the  year with a retreat together. The team will meet for monthly meetings. There are also opportunities  throughout the year for team members to help plan and facilitate events for younger students.

Who can be on the Team?

The Discipleship Team is designed for high school youth (10th-12th grade) from parishes and schools  around the diocese. The program is designed for youth who are active in their Catholic faith and are  striving to live out lives of Christian discipleship in their parish and schools.  

Adult parish leader (youth minister, DRE, catechist, small group leader, priest, deacon, etc.) are welcome  to attend along with teen(s) from their parish if they'd like but it is not required.

What is the Format of the Program?

The Discipleship Team is made up of 4 pillars – Prayer, Community, Formation, and Evangelization. Over  the course of the program, members of the Discipleship Team will have the opportunity to form  community and friendships with their peers on the team, grow deeper in their knowledge of the Catholic  faith, be empowered to evangelize the gospel message to others, and have the opportunity to encounter  Jesus Christ in prayer and the Sacraments. 


Below are a few ways that the Discipleship Team can assist you in starting or growing a parish youth  ministry program! 

Want to start or grow Youth Ministry at your parish? - Try inviting 1 or 2 (or more!) youth to sign up for  the Discipleship Team. On the team, participants are accompanied to grow in their own faith and  empowered in the areas of evangelization. Discipleship Team members can then be a great resource to a  youth minister by inviting other teens to parish youth ministry events and providing peer mentorship! 

Want to start or supplement a small group discipleship ministry? - If you are looking to start a small  group discipleship group at your parish or school or already have a small group of committed teens,  consider inviting them to be a part of the Discipleship Team. Each monthly meeting includes in depth  discussions on various faith topics (based on questions by the participants). You can get discussions  started at these meetings and continue afterwards during the month with your parish or school  discipleship group. (Adult youth leaders are more than welcome to attend the monthly meetings if you  want!) 

Not able to launch youth programs at this time at your parish but still want to offer teens something? - Any and all interested teens are welcome to be a part of the Discipleship Team! 

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