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Covid 19



Parishes must each discern the best way in which to engage in Faith Formation/Youth Ministry given their specific realities. Any and all plans must be in accordance with the most updated Massachusetts Safety Standards and applicable local ordinances. Parishes should maintain communication with families throughout this time, including communication about the nature of programs, disinfection and safety measures (as applicable).

When in doubt on safety standards and ordinances, Parishes can contact the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and their Local Town's Department of Public Health for guidance, especially as State and local ordinances are subject to change.

Massachusetts State Materials

Below are links and checklist to some of the MA Safety Standards for spaces that may affect a Parish Campus. Make sure to also check with local officials in the case that local ordinances differ.

Diocesan Materials

Below are Diocesan documents on Church reopening and guidance for Faith Formation programming.

CDC Materials

Below are links to helpful materials from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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