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Take back Advent for your Family

In the midst of the rush of Christmas, we invite families to come together this Advent and prepare for the coming of Jesus at Christmas.

Why? Because the rituals and memories you make now will help you grow as family and a household of faith.

Did you know?


Of children report that their father or mother set examples for them and are spiritual coaches*


Of households who engage in faith sharing report sharing a meal and tv time together*


Of young people report having 3 or fewer meaningful interactions on a typical day


*Households of Faith (Barna Group, 2017)

+ Belonging (Springtide Research Institute, 2020)

Make this Advent different

Below, you will find an ADVENTure Calendar and materials to help you develop family rituals at home including: praying, preparing a meal, watching a family movie, and sharing discussion.


We invite you to come together throughout Advent, make new family memories, and invite Christ into your home this season!

Image by Annie Spratt

Click below to access your own Advent Calendar!

Saint Nicholas

More than a man, myth, or legend, St Nicholas was a Bishop with a big heart. Learn about charity and bake some cookies.

Saint Nicholas

The Nativity Story

It's the story behind it all; the reason for the season. Learn about the Holy Family's experience, while sharing a festive meal.

The Nativity Story

Changing Hearts

Grinches, meisers, & scroodges... they all get a bad name. But they just need some love. Learn about the power of loving neighbor and warm up with some soup. 

Changing Hearts

What We Have To Give

What gift will you give this year? No, not under the tree...but to God? Learn how we can make a gift of ourselves, while enjoying St Lucia buns.

What We Have to Give

The Holy Family

If they taught us anything as a family, it's that all you need is God and each other. Learn to pray together and enjoy a family-style meal.

The Holy Family

Saint Joseph

He is silent in the Gospels, but his life as Jesus' foster-father speaks louder than words. Learn about  St Joseph while enjoying traditional fig cookies.

Connect with a Community this Advent

The Church is a "family of families". Celebrate as part of our larger family by taking part in the Mass, either in-person or online, and experiencing God's mercy in Reconciliation.


Find a local Parish Church to connect your family to our family of Faith!

An Invitation